Script untuk USB Miner Antminer U2

Masuk ke folder bfgminer, buka notepad tuliskan command dibawah ini,

bfgminer.exe -S antminer:all -o -u fondanet.amu -p x

lalu save sebagai file txt di folder tersebut, misalnya bitminter.txt

Setelah di save, rename file (F2) bitminter.txt menjadi bitminter.bat

Jalankan file bitminter.bat tersebut dengan double klik

Format diatas:

bfgminer.exe -S antminer:all -o (stratum pool:port) -u (worker) -p x

Worker ada yang :

– username.123

– username_123


Setting Pool di Controller Antminer U2:

# bfgminer -o -u [username.1] -p 123 -S all -S antminer:all –set-device antminer:clock=x0A81 –icarus-options 115200:2:2 –icarus-timing 3.0=100# bfgminer -o -u [username_1] -p x -S all -S antminer:all –set-device antminer:clock=x0981 –icarus-options 115200:1:1 –icarus-timing 3.0=100
# bfgminer -o -u [username.1] -p 123 -S all -S antminer:all –set-device antminer:clock=x0981 –icarus-options 115200:2:2 –icarus-timing 3.0=100

# bfgminer -o stratum+tcp:// -u [btc wallet] -p x -S all -S antminer:all –set-device antminer:clock=x0981 –icarus-options 115200:1:1 –icarus-timing 3.0=100

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