GPS Tracker tidak kompatibel dengan operator GSM di Indonesia, jadi cuma fungsi PENYADAP SUARA yang bisa digunakan.

GPS Tracker bisa digunakan untuk turis Indonesia yang sedang tour ke China, kita bisa memantau posisi mereka dari rumah/Indonesia.

Kita bisa dengan cepat mengetahui posisinya dengan mengirimkan SMS dan Tracker akan membalas dengan mengirimkan koordinat lokasi, kita bisa melihat posisi tersebut dengan memasukan koordinat tersebut ke dalam Google Maps.

Kita juga bisa menyadap/ mendengarkan suara ditempat tracker tersebut dibawa.

  • Kartu GSM
  • Baterai tahan 7 hari
  • Paket termasuk: charger


1. The only product that allow viewing positions on a map on mobile phone, as well as by PC online , or replying positions directly by SMS.

It is very convenient for various groups of people in a variety of environments.

2. No need any platform charges.  By opening a Family or Company Group  Combo at a cost as low as $1 per month with your local operator, you can make as long a query as you like freely.

3Easy to operate. Just send an SMS to the tracker and receive an address SMS or URL for a mobile phone or  google map positions informations .


  1. Audio surveillance:  Call the SIM number of the tracker and the tracker will automatically answer the calls, entering audio surveillance mode.
  2. SMpositioning: Send SMS “DM” to the tracker ,  it replying with an SMS of its position.
  3. Map positioning: Send SMS “DT” to the tracker, it replying with an SMS of a URL for a mobile phone.  Visit the URL on a mobile phone to track the position on a map.
  4. Google Map positioning: Send SMS “DT3 ” to the tracker , it will reply with an SMS of google map URL  and the position center ‘s longitude and latitude data .

Ukuran:3,6 x 2.9 x 1,0 CM